U-Beaut White Shellac 500ml is a wax free bleached shellac-based polish suitable for use on all timbers. It is easy-to-use, fast-drying and gives a beautiful shine to all timbers.

This Shellac polish has been bleached, which gives it a great characteristic that helps set it apart from most of the others. This polish will not darken the colour of the timber it is applied to any more than putting water on to the timber would. This makes it ideal for use on white-woods where discolouring of the timber is not wanted. It is also brilliant on most other timber colours as it will not hide or darken the grain in the slightest way, but instead will enhance the timbers natural beauty.

This Shellac is also suited for application over brightly dyed or stained timbers and is fantastic for use in decorative finishes where a clear glaze is required.

U-Beaut White Shellac is typically applied with a soft cloth or pad, in the same way as a traditional french polished finish, but it can also be applied with a brush or thinned with methylated spirits for spray application. It will work very well over a base of U-Beaut Sanding Sealer 500ml.


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