U-Beaut Shellawax 250ml is a one application friction polish made for use on the wood lathe. It is easy-to-use, fast-drying and gives an instant shine to all timbers.

Manufactured with U-Beauty’s own Hard Shellac as a base, it results in a firm, durable finish that is resistant to marks and blemishes from water, alcohol and heat.

Shellawax is a complete finish designed to be applied directly to raw timber. However, it can be applied over oils provided the surface is dry of oil prior to the application.

The below steps can be followed to effectively apply U-Beaut Shellawax as a friction polish on a lathe:

  1. Finely sand the wood to at least a 400 grit finish. The finer you sand the better your finish will be
  2. Get a piece of clean soft cloth. Brushed flannelette sheeting is ideal
  3. Fold the cloth so you make a pad 4 to 6 layers thick (will stop you from burning your fingers when applying Shellawax at high speed)
  4. Shake Shellawax and then add a small amount to the layered cloth, making sure there is just enough to cover the entire surface of the item you intend to polish
  5. With the lathe stopped, apply a quick, even coat of Shellawax over the section to be polished
  6. Turn the lathe on and using the same section of layered cloth, apply heavy pressure to the work, slowly move the Shellawax soaked section of the cloth over the entire surface from top to bottom and back again. Continue doing this until your work has a bright shine
  7. If you want a brighter shine you can apply a second and subsequent coats almost immediately by repeating steps 1 – 6. Do not sand between coats. Apply the oil directly to the previous coat. In most instances 2 – 3 coats should be more than enough to bring up a brilliant finish


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