Kiln Paragon TNF243 (240 Volt Single Phase) With Shelf Kit and Vent Kit

Kiln Paragon TNF243 (240 Volt Single Phase) With Shelf Kit and Vent Kit


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Kiln Paragon TNF243 With Stand, Shelf Kit, and Vent Kit

This particular TNF243 has been prepared for a Ventmaster vent kit to extract alkaline gas and to aid in cooling after completion of firing.

The Ventmaster gently pulls oxygen into the kiln resulting in brighter colours when firing glazes, helps burn carbon out of clay preventing firing problems like dark patches and bloating, removes fumes from volatile metals, fluorides, sulphur oxides, that can corrode components, and removes strong odors. It improves the evenness of temperature throughout the kiln, only increases firing times by around 10 minutes, and decreases cooling time once below 550C by around 2 hours.

  • 11500 watts
  • 48 amps
  • 240 volts
  • single phase
  • 50 hertz

Suitable for:

  • Crystalline Glazes
  • Decals
  • Low-Fire Ceramics
  • Porcelain and Stoneware

Part Number: TNF243 Packages includes: Safety Lid Switch Complete, Genuine Paragon furniture kit Valued at $800 AUD  including GST 240 Volt 50HZ TNF243 Kiln (48 Amps requires direct wiring by electrician) We can freight across Australia! During busy seasons when orders are backlogged, you will be grateful you own a dependable Paragon kiln such as the TnF-24-3. Studio owners call these kilns “real work horses.” Paragon studio kilns have withstood years of abuse in school environments. High school ceramics teachers fire these kilns unmercifully, without remorse. Yet the kilns keep going. People swear by them. The TnF-24-3 features sectional construction. Separate the kiln bottom and sections to repair bricks, change elements, or to move the kiln down narrow stairwells or through the narrowest doorways. Twist-lock spring latches hold the assembled collars securely. The top row of brick in the TnF-24-3 is 2” high and without element grooves. It is less susceptible to damage during loading than a grooved brick. Hinged at the bottom, the switch box on 8, 10 & 12 sided digital Paragon kilns opens forward for easy maintenance. A folding support arm holds the box in the open position. (See photo on cover.) The Sentry is mounted at the top of the switch box within easy reach. Operate it from a comfortable position. The 10-sided TnF-24-3 comes in deluxe 3” thick sidewalls, lid and bottom. The 3” brick is 20% thicker than the standard 2 ½” brick. For porcelain or stoneware, order the TnF-24-3, rated to 2350°F. The massive lid is easy to lift with Paragon’s patented “LiteLid,” which does away with cumbersome pulleys and cords and reduces lid weight to only several pounds of pressure. Most people can lift the lid with one hand. Unlike pulleys and weights, the LiteLid is self-contained on the kiln. No need to drill holes in the ceiling for pulleys. The LiteLid sharply reduces wear between the lid and top rim of firebrick. The truss and floating lid allow expansion of the lid. Ask competitors if their lid spring includes a truss and floating lid. The 24” wide stand for 10 & 12-sided kilns supports the brick bottom with framing that is 4 ½” wide across the top of each side. The stand is rock-steady, with 16-gauge frame and heavy 12-gauge legs. If you move your TnF-24-3 kiln out of the way when not in use, order an optional deluxe kiln stand with steel casters. Something to consider if you already own a 12-sided kiln: Why purchase a 10-sided kiln such as the TnF-24-3 when you produce enough ware to fill a 12-sided kiln? It is because some ware fires more efficiently in a 10-sided kiln. Example: 10- and 12-sided kilns both fire four 10” wide bowls per shelf. When you own both sizes of kilns, you can choose the most efficient kiln for each size of ware. The 10-sided kiln is a good choice for those whose production depends on short firing cycles. Since 10-sided kilns are smaller than 12-sided, they can heat and cool faster. The 10-sided shelves are lighter than the 12-sided, and easier to lift. A heavy galvanized steel base covers the reversible brick bottom completely. It folds up under the stainless case on all sides to strengthen the firing chamber. This is one more assurance that your Paragon kiln is built to last. You will be amazed at the convenience of digital firing. The reliable solid-state Sentry controller continually monitors the firing so you can spend your time productively without closely watching the kiln. (Please remember, however, to check the kiln during firing and to monitor it near the expected shutoff time.) The sealed touch pad keeps out dust and is easy to wipe clean. The controller has powerful features that you will enjoy using. Yet we have also worked hard to make the controller user-friendly. Do you ever wonder how much electricity your kiln uses? The digital controller can figure this for you with the press of a button. Find out how little a kiln actually costs to fire. Learn to conserve energy by experimenting with firing speed, load density, etc. For more information about the Kiln Paragon TNF243 see the Paragon web page

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