Isowool Round Piece measuring approximately 50 x 310 mm x rnd a ceramic refractory wool blanket for lining forges and foundries.


  • Rated up to 1260°C allowing it to withstand high temperatures
  • A durable and strong material that has a outstanding service life
  • Is highly flexible, allowing it to be easily bent and cut into various shapes


50 x 310 mm x RND

Safety Precautions:

Precautions must be taken when working with Isowool as it presents a respiratory risk. Local legislation for the use and disposal of relevant materials must be consulted and adhered to.

There are laws in every state that apply to the manufacture and installation of gas appliances, as the manufacturer you must ensure that you comply with the relevant legislation and standards.

MSDS is available here

Often purchased with Safety Equipment and Ceramic Fibre Rigidiser.

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