Houghton’s Aqua-Quench®251 – 1L

Houghton’s Aqua-Quench®251 – 1L



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Aqua-Quench is mixed with water at different ratios to create different quench speeds.

A 15% solution of Aqua-Quench (e.g. 1.5L of Aqua-Quench plus 8.5L of water for 10L total) heated to 60°C will give a quench speed faster than Houghton’s K oil heated to 60°C, but slower than pure water. The quench speed will be approximately as much faster than Houghton’s K, as houghton’s K is faster than Houghton’s G.

A 20% solution of Aqua-Quench (e.g. 2L of Aqua-Quench plus 8L of water for 10L total) should give a quench speed close to that of Houghton’s K fast quench oil.

A 25% solution of Aqua-Quench (e.g. 2.5L of Aqua-Quench plus 7.5L of water for 10L total) should give a quench speed close to that of Houghton’s G medium quench oil.

Knife making is as much about performance as aesthetics. Without the right heat treat your steel cannot perform to its full potential, and the quench is an important part in this process. Aqua-Quench® 251 is a water soluble quenchant with oil-like quenching characteristics. Aqua-Quench® 251 is an advanced polymer quenchant designed for both low and high hardenability steel applications. Its quenching characteristics can be varied between those of water and normal speed quenching oil by varying the concentration of the solution. It is generally used at concentrations of between 5% and 25%.

  • Advanced polymer quenchant providing oil-like quenching characteristics and less distortion eliminating the need for re-work
  • Water based quenchant to eliminate fire hazard and smoke associated with quenching oils along with cleaner parts and safer working environment
  • Flexibility of quenching speed helps to minimize distortion and provide excellent dimensional control
  • Nitrite free corrosion inhibitor providing good short term rust protection of heat treated components
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KHTAQ-1L 1L of Aqua-Quench 251

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