Gibson 72 World Class Belt Grinder 2 x 72″

Gibson 72 World Class Belt Grinder 2 x 72″


Gibson 72 World Class Belt Grinder 2 x 72″. Comes with our Beginners Belt Kit 72″ absolutely FREE.

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FREE WITH THIS GRINDER: Beginners Belt Kit with 10 assorted belts – enough to make your first 3 – 5 knives taking them from rough profiling and bevelling through to a 600 grit satin finish, as well as handle shaping.

This is 84 Engineering’s latest masterpiece offered up to satisfy the professional needs of artisan and industrial steel workers alike. The impressive list of features is complemented by its rigid construction, guaranteed to satisfy the demands of heavy-duty grinding projects.

  • 2 × 72” belt length
  • 2 hp 4 pole motor with 7” drive wheel for excellent belt speed and torque
  • Teco E510 sealed vector variable frequency drive
  • 0 – 5000 surface feet per minute belt speed
  • 8.5” carbide faced “dovetail” platen backing
  • Indexable 7 way rotating platen
  • Adjustable length slack belt
  • 2”, 3” and 5” contact wheels
  • Rubber coated wheels for smooth performance and great belt traction
  • Drive wheel tracking for perfect belt alignment
  • Fully welded frame
  • 6 arm slots
  • Infinitely adjustable belt tension
  • Flips from vertical to horizontal
  • Large work rest with micro angle adjustment
  • Pressure plates to ensure tooling arms are not damaged
  • Protective spark guard
  • Made in Australia
  • Pedestal mount with built-in storage space for belts and attachments.

The Gibson 72 grinder package includes:

  • Grinder body with horizontal tilting, 4-pole 2 hp motor, variable speed drive, and 180mm/7” drive wheel
  • Rotating platen with carbide-faced flat platen, 50mm/2”, 75mm/3”, and 125mm/5” contact wheels
  • Large angle adjustable tool rest
  • Small contact wheel tool arm – small contact wheels are not included
  • Small contact wheel tool rest
  • Painted cabinet/stand
  • Bucket rest
  • Bucket

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As used by Alec Steele


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Dimensions 80 × 90 × 120 cm
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