G/flex 650 2-Part Epoxy Kit 1000ml


G/flex 650 2-Part Epoxy Kit 1000 ml

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G/flex 650 2-Part Epoxy is a toughened, easy-to-use, medium viscosity epoxy adhesive. It is able to absorb the stress of expansion, contraction, vibration and shock and provides superior adhesion to a variety of materials including steel, non-ferrous metals, timber and synthetics.

Widely considered the gold standard for knifemaking epoxies, its simple 1:1 mixing ratio, 24-hour cure time and high bond strength make it a must have for many top knifemakers.

The G/flex 650 2-Part Epoxy Kit 1000 ml includes:

  • 500 ml G/flex Epoxy Resin
  • 500 ml G/flex Hardener

Both items come in a recappable squeeze bottle.

1000 ml is a great value option for knifemakers working on larger project runs.

Mixing Ratio:

G-Flex uses a 1:1 mixing ratio – 1 part G/flex Epoxy Resin to 1 part G/flex Hardener by volume.

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