Crucible Steel CPM 3V (5.25 x 75 x 915 mm)

Crucible Steel CPM 3V (5.25 x 75 x 915 mm)


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Hot rolled steel bar measuring 5.25x75x915mm. Actual thickness as rolled is over 5.8mm.

Made with Crucible Industry’s Particle Metallurgy process for fine grain structure and even alloy distribution, CPM 3v is a high alloy tool steel with extraordinary properties. Extreme toughness – tougher than carbon steels, only surpassed by shock resistant tool steels like S7 – while also being more wear resistant than D2 tool steel with better edge retention, and having similar stain resistant properties.

CPM 3V is the perfect steel for hard use outdoors knives, and performs well in smaller knives, folders, and kitchen knives requiring fine edge holding.

Nominal Composition
Carbon 0.80%
Chromium 7.50%
Vanadium 2.75%
Molybdenum 1.30%


Recommended working hardness 58-61HRC

Higher hardness of 62-63HRC may be used in blades requiring fine edge holding where a reduction in toughness is not critical.

To take advantage of CPM 3V’s high chromium content for stain resistance do not use the manufacturer’s recommended high temperature tempering of over 540°C. Use the heat treatment procedure below with lower temperature tempering.


Recommended Heat Treatment

*Seal blade in double crimped high temperature stainless steel tool wrap

*Preheat to 850°C, hold for 5 minutes

*Austenitise at 1080°C for 30 minutes

*Plate quench

*Cold treatment; domestic freezer, dry ice slurry, liquid nitrogen – the colder the better

*Temper at 200°C for 2 hours, twice


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