Our brick forge kit contains 8 K-26 refractory bricks and a 2kg bucket of high temperature refractory mortar that can be assembled into a simple forge.

Working temperature of up to 1420C.

Each brick measures approximately 230 x 115 x 75mm.

Recommended for use with our small forge burner BKIT5.

K-26 bricks do an incredible job of containing high temperatures, but they are soft and fragile and they break down over time. They can crack from having moisture in the bricks that expands as they heat up fast. You can reduce this by heating them slowly to allow the moisture to evaporate before it boils, but some cracking is also an inevitability with soft fire bricks. They still work when cracked and they can be patched with refractory mortar.

When used with a gas burner we recommend running it at a low pressure with the air inlet mostly closed for 5 or so minutes, before turning up the pressure or opening up the air inlet. Do this the first time you use a burner with your bricks, especially if they are stuck together with refractory mortar, and also after any period of damp weather. If you see steam rising from your bricks they are wet and you should lower the heat until they stop steaming.



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Weight 8.95 kg
Dimensions 57 × 38 × 25 cm
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