Houghton’s G Medium Quench Oil 20L for Heat Treating

Houghton’s G Medium Quench Oil 20L for Heat Treating



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For best performance, heat your oil to 60°C before quenching. Knife making is as much about performance as aesthetics. Without the right heat treat your steel cannot perform to its full potential, and the quench is an important part in this process. Houghton’s G is suitable for blades made of steel alloys higher in manganese and through-hardening chromium alloyed steel, such as 1084, O1, 52100, 80CRV2, and many more including some stainless steels and high alloy tool steels. For steel alloys lower in manganese that require a faster quench speed to harden, such as W2 and 1095, and where you are clay hardening to create a hamon, Houghton’s K is the best option.

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KHTO-G 20L of medium speed. Suitable for use with Steels that require medium quench times to reach maximum hardness. Houghton’s Quench G

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