1075 3.3mm Kitchen Knife Blade Blank

1075 3.3mm Kitchen Knife Blade Blank


1075 3 mm Kitchen Knife Blade Blank.

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The 1075 3.3mm Kitchen Knife Blade Blank is made of 1075 carbon steel – a very tough, versatile steel that can take a high hardness and is easy to heat treat with simple equipment. The 1075 blank is cut by waterjet so there is no heat affected zone.

More information on the supplied annealed (soft) steel and heat treating can be obtained here (note: this page is for 1084 carbon steel. However, it is also applicable to 1075 carbon steel).

Note: you will need to tidy up the profile, grind the bevels, drill pin holes, heat treat and fit a handle. Heat treating can be done in accordance with the data sheet, linked above or outsourced to a heat treating company.

Item length: 355mm
Blade length: 231mm
Thickness: 3.3mm

*Please note this may come with some slight warpage. This can be fixed by clamping your blank in a vice and straightening it.*

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 36 × 4.9 × .3 cm
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